APRIL 8 - 9, 2018
Palmer Events Center
Seminar Speakers
Join our Seminar Speakers at the Main Stage and Become Inspired, Encouraged and Motivated to Live Your Very Best Life!
10 Financial Tips for Women to Prepare for a More Successful Retirement, Presented by Kelly Welker, MBA, CR, PC, CRCP on Saturday at 11:00AM
Women work differently than men. They play differently than men. They parent differently than men. They also have different goals than men. Shouldn’t they invest differently than men? Learn tips from a retirement income expert to get you on the right track to retirement.
Erika Cole Professional Hair Care & Skin Care, Presented by Carolyn Devito on Saturday at 11:30AM
Come and learn about our retail products, beauty products, hair and skin care.
Beautiful Gift: How I Found My Son In The Afterlife, Presented by Lesa Kay Smith on Saturday at 12:00PM
Beautiful Gift: How I Found My Son In The Afterlife book launch. The story of my tragic loss of my son, Brandon, in 2008 and how I found him in the afterlife. A message of hope and after death communication.
The Plan Everyone Should Make – Have You?, Presented by Karen Horn on Saturday at 2:00PM
The professionals at Cook-Walden Funeral Homes & Cemeteries will educate participants on the benefits of planning a funeral in advance. The objective is to increase awareness about protecting your family now, which reduces the number of difficult decisions that many face at the time of loss. The presentation will include four simple steps to establishing your final arrangements, while also bringing peace of mind to yourself and your family. There will be details on everything from cremation and memorial services to travel protection and cemetery options. Also, you will learn how to obtain a free Personal Planning Guide.
Sexual Health 101: Sex is Good Medicine, Presented by Dr. KaNisha L. Hall on Saturday at 2:30PM
Comprehensive Women’s Health: Physical, mental, spiritual and sexual health.  Promote safe and beneficial sex practices proven to improve overall health. Also medically recommend screening test to prevent illness and sexual dysfunction.
Wait…Is that my hand holding me back?, Presented by Cindy Villanueva, Director of Business Partnerships on Saturday at 3:00PM
We all know about the glass ceiling--the unspoken impediment to our advancement and success. But what if the greatest impediments actually lie within ourselves? In this inspiring presentation, Cindy Villanueva, Director of Business Partnerships for Concordia University Texas, will share her story of overcoming her own biggest obstacles to success and contentment: the obstacles she placed on herself. You'll learn to courageously confront your own limiting beliefs and instead construct a life of passion, achievement, and joy. Using her experiences as a college dropout, an unwed teen mom, and a divorced woman trying to make ends meet while raising her children, Cindy will describe her own journey of self-awareness to excellence. Her story will bring you face to face with the ways we all "get in our own way," and offer a blueprint for a new way of thinking about personal and professional growth.
Living Safely in a High-Tech World, Presented by Phyllis Light, Ph. D. on Saturday at 3:30PM
Do you sit in front of a computer? Use a cell phone? Get tired or sick frequently? Do you suffer from headaches, eyestrain, or depression?  Phyllis Light, Ph. D. and author, will teach you how electromagnetic fields – from computers, cell phones, satellites, wireless internet (Wi-Fi), TV, and radio frequencies—impact your health and well-being. Phyllis has been researching the impact of such life-damaging frequencies on the human body for over 30 years. Discover ways you can protect and heal yourself from these negative energies that permeate our world today. This information could transform your life!
Vision to Fruition: Achieve a Life By Design, Presented by Kali Rodriguez on Sunday at 11:30AM
What do you REALLY want? Because if you can tell me what you want, I can show you how to get it. Life doesn’t just happen to us. We create it. And we create it by a definite process and principles, starting with setting the right type of goals. Decide right now and that you will achieve your goals, dreams, and visions. You can live by design or by default…the choice is yours. Choose to create your life, and make it your masterpiece!
Regenerative Medicine: How Your Stem Cells Help The Body Heal Itself, Presented by Katy Moncivais, PhD on Sunday at 12:00PM
BennuLife has been at the forefront of regenerative research: the study of how stem cells help create new cells in existing healthy tissues and repair tissues in structures that are injured or damaged. We give patients a way to heal their own body instead of medication and surgery. BennuLife therapy has been proven to: help manage chronic pain, reduce or eliminate the need for medications or other treatments, allow people to return to or continue to have a healthy, active lifestyle, and help form trabecular bone, tendon, articular cartilage, ligaments and part of the bone marrow. We also use our proprietary concentrations devices to transform aging skin by infusing it with the natural healing agents already available in the bloodstream. BennuLife uses the power of science to maximize every aspect of your health.
How to find YOUR Plastic Surgeon, Presented by Dr. Jeffrey Hall on Sunday at 12:30PM
Come and learn about how do find the correct/right plastic surgeon for you; what questions to ask your potential surgeon; how to discuss credentials; difference between cosmetic and plastic surgeon; and where is it safe to receive procedures?
10 Financial Tips for Women to Prepare for a More Successful Retirement, Presented by Kelly Welker, MBA, CR, PC, CRCP on Sunday at 2:00PM
Women work differently than men. They play differently than men. They parent differently than men. They also have different goals than men. Shouldn’t they invest differently than men? Learn tips from a retirement income expert to get you on the right track to retirement.
Nspire Network Health and Wellness Mission “Now We No,” Presented by Dr. Marie Nicole Beauvoir on Sunday at 2:30PM
No matter what language you choose, it translates the same way around the world – to guide or control by divine influence. The founders of nSpire Network were divinely assembled together and have a unified vision to positively impact the lives of millions of people by offering more than just quality products and the opportunity to earn life-changing income – the vision is much bigger. nSpire is a mission. A movement. A purpose-driven collection of individuals who truly desire change. nSpire will touch you. nSpire will motivate you. nSpire will teach you. nSpire will challenge you to reach heights within yourself you never thought possible. Our culture will embrace you. Our trips will amaze you. Our events will teach you. We are not black nor white. We are not democrat nor republican. We are not rich nor poor.
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APRIL 8 - 9, 2018
Palmer Events Center
Saturday 10AM ~ 5PM and Sunday 11AM ~ 5PM
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